Make space

I was disturbed when someone passed a remark about a story I wrote.

Well not about how I wrote but he had comments about the newsmaker. It made me winch.

It just showed how closed up he is, and it reflected badly on himself.

But the lesson for me is, why m i affected. Why did this incident hit me? Because I wrote the story?

Not so, it hit me because i was irked that he is not opened up. And it dawned upon me, that I myself is a closed system and I didnt like it.

Like how they say, that others or things that happen in life, are a reflection of yourself.

They show you about yourself.

SO this person showed to me, what I didnt like about myself.

At the dentist afterwards, we discussed how a new set of aligners should b in place to correct or further improve the structure of my mouth.

A new plan just came like that, as with everything in life. And all the slingers that were prepared had to be dropped.

I had this strange feeling of myself walking through a channel inbued with light while I was on the dentist chair. I was very aware of this passage and this walking as the dentist scanned my teeth to make a new mould for a new set of aligners.

I couldnt really make sense of it.

But that feeling of walking thru a passage was strong.

After that we discussed why a set of new aligners were needed, and it was to help push my teeth out, to stretch the root behind the teeth a alittle so that a nice rounded space for an ideal bite can be put forth.

i thought how wonderful!

Its always about making space in life.

And I shared the realization.

To which the dentist said, it really is. All the time we are doing so much just to create room n space for breath.


Coming back to creating space.

I saw this teaching in yoga too! As we breathe and stretch, the teachers always almost emphasised that this is to create SPACE, in that part of the body.

In meditation too– create space.

When i saw Mr Ng for healing, he reminded me of the simple practice to create space whenever i feel encroached upon.

Just by imagining /visualizing outstretched hands n voicing :”there is space above me, there is space below me, there is space infront of me, there is space behind me.”

I found it amazing how these lessons dropped in on me. Even on a dentist’s chair. And How so very powerful the universe is as a teacher.

But also because I got the message, I feel very intuned with the universe.
once again, its about listening n awareness. its about opening up yourself n receiving the message.

and for that matter, after the last session with teacher, i made a conscious point to connect with Mother Earth, and the hard work seemed to have paid off.

And now, how do i create space for myself? in life? in my body and mind?

By keeping still. Be letting go. By being aware.

I know i can do that.

Thank you! and Om.



Inspirations on a Bangkok trip

I.Yoga is to be experienced 

It is amazing how yoga inspires and changes u, just within a 45min-1 hr session.
Met teacher Dee yesterday and felt I could connect .
At the end of the session in corpse pose, she adjusted the legs, body, pulled the neck n head.
The grab or clutch or hold was v firm.
And the touch touched me.
Like a reminder of sorts. Like a clutch from yesterday from someone I knew.
Then I find myself looking for her for yoga the second day.
And the touch at the end of the session. When I received it, it touched me n tears fell.
I wonder if it’s because I prayed for healing before the session.
And receive I did.
The touch was magical. Firm n steady, as if divine, commanding in a way, to deliver the message that I can. I can be me. 
Then on sitting, teacher’s voice was so calm n soft and peaceful.
Bring your awareness to your body.

What can you do less ?

What can you do more? 

Find a balance in the practice and you can apply it to life. 

Find yourself , what you can do to make yourself in a comfortable position. To b comfortable.

Just listening to these words is magic.

Teacher’s voice is gentle like a stream. And I find myself responding to the questions. 
How does she keep herself pure so that each session she says these words , they are like the first time as if she said it. 

Because I experienced it, it gives me the inspiration that words are to be experienced as well.
Yoga is not to b done, but to be experienced.  

Likewise for words. I believe with this understanding, I will write and affect differently.

II. Reading space

Went to Ekkamai and passed by a reading space yesterday.

Separated by a door, the inside is a world of difference.


It’s essentially a tea shop but a picture of calm and zen. Decorated by wood and lots of clean open space. It presents itself as a place of peace. 

It gives me the inspiration that life is what you want to make out of it.

Eke a difference out of it.

Yes! Create however you want. 

It’s your life. And I believe the universe wants to help u surpass.


Healing (XXII)

And so it seems that the universe is giving me lots of cues as to how to adjust in life.

So many points that I picked up.

1)Yoga = Life

How to open up I asked?

Yet another answer I heard today. 

The realization of yoga is to be fully conscious, present, and content at whatever stage of the practice you have attained.
Paradoxically, when you are truly satisfied right where you are, your pose often opens up and you can easily move forward.

2)open up

received a bouquet fr the girls at Shangri-la. And the bouquet sort of talked to me.

How do these pretty little things fight the forces of nature ?

I stared at them n got a reply.

Simply , by opening up.

3) warmth

I saw a pair of super thin legs , thinner than a child’s on a wheelchair. Then I plucked up my head and saw an old man pushing the lady.

I felt warm. 

He wasn’t in low spirits.

And I got my lesson in a moment.

How to open up? Look at how other people are making the best out of situations in life. How they would carry on in spite of.

Not whine or sulk or question.

Accept. Go on. Pray. Cherish a hope and make the best out of things.




老师说,不是刺痛的感觉,酸酸的,就叫做sweet pain。



There can b pain in healing.






看mingyur rinpoche的video之后,笑了。

那时候我再一次悟到,原来,你投入的事情都必须滋养你。不是让你透支难过。不是消耗你。  生活各个层面各个你投入的,都必须这样。