What does pasta sound like

You have tasted pasta, but do you know how it sounds like?

Massimo Bottura can tell you.


So in Love with this!

And it’s exactly what I m doing, cross pollinating ideas, creating smthg unique for this new platform I m working on.

Crossovers, deriving freshness from another world and using it to support or arrive at a new perspective .

To get a new eye.

Was writing my story on Pierre Herme, and he has this to say:

“As soon as I received this invitation, I was happy – I always strive to create a global sensory experience that touches upon all five senses and so this gala dinner is a great opportunity! The challenge that interests me is making something exceptional – I have created a special dessert for this occasion, but that is all I can say for now!”

It was as if the universe gave a nod. No one told me how good this is. No one (can/ever will) appreciate this as much as I do.

Only the universe.

I m going all the way and there’s no stopping.



Do what you want

“Rules? There are no rules. Do what you want.”

Grant Achatz (born April 25, 1974) is an American chef and restaurateur often identified as one of the leaders in molecular gastronomy or progressive cuisine.


The Meaning of Life

This is one of the most beautiful interpretations of life and its meaning.

Caught this on Netflix, Chef’s Table, and the way Alex Atala said it, its simply beautiful.

“What is the meaning of life?

One night I had a dream

I was walking in the street like a kid who has the hands of the father and mother, someone bigger guiding you

And I was asking this big person, “what is the meaning of life “

He showed me circles , circles of life, and then he showed me a flower.


A plant has a circle. A seed becomes a plant that has a flower, transforms into a fruit. The fruit drops. There’s another seed, it grows again, this is another circle.

I see and understand but Why u show me the flower

The flower is the moment that we live

The most beautiful moment of the circle

The most beautiful moment

Contemplate this.”

Some other beautiful quotes fr him.

Behind every dish there is death and people only close their own eyes to it.

but if caviar is fancy and tucupi is not fancy ,its just because someone told me. there’s a cultural interpretation of flavours

Theres a Brazilian chef called Roberta Subrack, She used to say something that i love

Our mise en place doesn’t start in the kitchen

it starts on the farm, in nature.

Living in Brazil is my reality, my soul my truth.

I love it! I remember writing about alex atala a few years back, we did an email interview. and now, i really hope to see him and speak to him in person!

May i have the opportunity!


Francis Mallmann

Super inspired by Argentine chef Francis Mallmann, arguably the biggest food star in the Latin world.

Watched him on Netflix and twice over, Francis Mallmann is an expert at cooking with fire: over it, under it, in it and around it.


He says that to cook with fire, one must have a feminine side, to understand the fragility of the meats.

But above this mastery over fire, its his mastery over his life that is so awe inspiring.

He is unbounded by constraints of any sort. He is boundless, but because he has family, he is torn between the two. There is just one time in the documentary that he cannot himself, talking about his family, and perhaps is regretful or sorry, that he has chosen himself over his family.

But that’s mastery too.

Love all the quotes he gave in the documentary, so wise, so deep, so alluring.



In order to grow, you have to be there, at the edge of uncertainty.

All those things made me dream

That there was a free world somewhere

So my big draw in life since very young was freedom

The freedom of believing only in myself

And not letting myself being led by anybody

I wanted to be my own

I wanted to do whatever I wanted.

I m always cooking in the wild

My message is, Get out of chair , sofa , office . go out

When u cook with fire it’s like making love

It could be huge

You have to respect what you cook

There needs to b a festive feeling about the hard work we r doing

I was very stubborn about my freedom

There’s nothing more sad than an overcooked fish

They r v inspiring romantic

They made me breathe they make me tremble

They make me live

I seldom invite people to lunch or dinner

They are really chosen

I cant spend Time with people that I don’t enjoy

I can’t do it anymore  as theater

I make choices

And that’s the beautiful thing about growing up

Learning to say no

In a nice way but you say no

I said the truth

Growing up has a bit to do with that

To be able to tell the truth

To show who you are

Even if it hurts

every person that works with you

You have to let him go at the best moment

When he and you are at the happiest moment

Then he and you think you are doing your best

They have to go

Because from  there on, there is only one way which is down

You are young you have a master you want to emulate him


At some point in life you have to turn around

And say I have to find my own way my language

Big prizes in life, they make you happy and sad

Because they make you question yourself

I said that was it

You have your little car

You have a place to sleep

And the dreams are dead

You don’t grow on a secure path

All of us should conquer something in life

It Needs a lot of work

It needs a lot of risk



For Grace is a fantastic documentary showcasing 3 star chef Curtis Duffy of restaurant Grace in Chicago.

He had this tattoo on his left arm which goes,”Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom.”

In the film, he lets in on the most difficult parts of his life and I m so inspired.

I want to make a film like this. Like Kevin Pang, a journalist turned filmmaker for this film. I want to write like Pang and I think I m already writing like that, although it’s in another language. 

When I see how Duffy is now, it really just  dawns upon me how sadness makes happiness. How happiness is built on a wound, of pain.

It seemed the more pain, the more beautiful you will turn out to be.

Beauty came from a depth of injury. There can be no other way .

Love this film and this chef. I m a fan!

I want to interview him. 

The story here:


And this, one of my favorite lines from the story m,

“there is no running away from what you are.”





Calvin Yeung分享朋友陈慧这则短片











之二。Christophe Muller



那天Muller说,踏入Paul Bocuse的前面两年,每天重复拔长豆的两端,做一些琐碎的事。


他的答案是:being a chef is not easy. You have to start somewhere. You can’t learn fast, you have to take time. This is not old school, in fact this is a legacy. One day when I m no longer cooking n have retired, I’ll b happy to look at how the younger ones have succeeded me.


他说:techniques you can learn from the books, passion u may already have it. But it’s the taste n the perfect balance that is most difficult. How do u pass it on?

And How do u cook food that hits u on the inside? Cooking with emotions is v important.





















把一切的unlearn,learn to unlearn。