Time Mastery

Went back for a course on Time Mastery on this off day on mine and gained some insights.

The main points if pondered over, will leave one with abundance in life.

1)The fish that swims against the tide is alive


2) Go deeper in your craft.
3) Time mastery is also concerned with value.
What is the Effort put in vs return or value
Max reward min pain
When u spend time on it, make it count
4) Pareto came up with this magic equation 80/20
e.g. 80% of your habits make up 20% of your problems.
5) Parkinson-‘s quote: Work will expand to fill the time allocated
6)Self mastery
Process things in images
Urgent & Important – warnings that u have ignored
Efficient – doing things right
Effective-doing right things
In life,it’s not what u capture but wat u leave out as well
Do most difficult thing first
Swallow a toad in the morning
What is ur character n motivation
Passive Assertiveness Aggressive
Assertiveness-self respect n others + prob solving approach
e.g. Tell him what I don’t like leave choice to him
But pple normally take emotional approach
7)Tim Elmore – is your life a river or a flood?
8)Ambiguity tolerance
9)Reflect-slow down , sit, rest, step out, take stock
10)Prioritising – no need to do, could do, should do, must do
11)Sow Reap
Sow a thought reap an act
Sow an Act reap a Habit
Sow a Habit reap a Character
Sow a Character reap a Destiny
What is your thought life like
12)Values tie pple tog
13)What is your motivation or intention behind life? with those, time melts away.