Thank you and Goodbye

 So much has been said about the man.
There were too much to learn just reading about him.
Like this little selection below that touched me:



Then it was time to say goodbye. 




I want to show up. The heart is not at peace, so heavy it could not breathe. At the cbd, the missing man formation put forth by the fighter jets n the sounding of the gun salute makes emotions swell. People are soaked through. But they stand steadfast. Then people shout and close their umbrellas. They chant Lee Kuan Yew. Some clap. Many others simply couldn’t hold back and cried , fallen on the roads. And it is over. It is a Singapore I have never ever seen. In the days before, Video clips and stories distill once and again the extraordinary statesman he has been, the fiery rhetoric, the promises that turned out, the iron he has, the rise and fall of his tone with lots of emotions. So convincing. But I would never get the chance to vote for him again. Then there was the love he hadn’t let down. Every time , because of him, we find Singapore. We find the meaning of Singapore and very spirit that built this place. Every time, because of him, the world looks at us and is stunned by this little red dot that wouldn’t have had a chance at existing if not for him. This man he has been has done so so much. Defied circumstances to his best, and turned impossible to what is all around us. I Look around, again and again, every little thing becomes impactful. They were not by chance. There was no accident. Penetrating, Powerful then poignant. He showed up in my life in more ways than one. But I didn’t see all this before. I read in madness all the stories online n in print how He leads by example and tells of what life is and can be, so long as you really want it. Go for the best that you want your life to be and you Can be. Never settle. The formula would be as he have expressed, Selflessness, devotion, forceful determination, fierce protection, passion and commitment, discipline, promise, integrity and love. All the important values and principles which will carry you to good stead in a lifetime. There was so much to learn. Knowing that he is there gives guarantee and strength, but what lies in the road ahead? How will we do, what will we do without a visionary? What is the vision? Where will we find the kind of iron that Singapore needs? Without his watchful eyes, will the system work? I feel weakened on a deeper level, confused and in conflict. I have only minded the big and little in my own life. But “Ah gong” is no more. And that in itself is making it even harder to say goodbye. We started out with nothing but sheer grit and determination to arrive here. 50years later, we are eking out on our own again. We have ourselves from now. It really is a new beginning.

“Follow that rainbow, go ride it”, he once said.
I hear you Sir. Thank you.
And… goodbye.