Inspirations on a Bangkok trip

I.Yoga is to be experienced 

It is amazing how yoga inspires and changes u, just within a 45min-1 hr session.
Met teacher Dee yesterday and felt I could connect .
At the end of the session in corpse pose, she adjusted the legs, body, pulled the neck n head.
The grab or clutch or hold was v firm.
And the touch touched me.
Like a reminder of sorts. Like a clutch from yesterday from someone I knew.
Then I find myself looking for her for yoga the second day.
And the touch at the end of the session. When I received it, it touched me n tears fell.
I wonder if it’s because I prayed for healing before the session.
And receive I did.
The touch was magical. Firm n steady, as if divine, commanding in a way, to deliver the message that I can. I can be me. 
Then on sitting, teacher’s voice was so calm n soft and peaceful.
Bring your awareness to your body.

What can you do less ?

What can you do more? 

Find a balance in the practice and you can apply it to life. 

Find yourself , what you can do to make yourself in a comfortable position. To b comfortable.

Just listening to these words is magic.

Teacher’s voice is gentle like a stream. And I find myself responding to the questions. 
How does she keep herself pure so that each session she says these words , they are like the first time as if she said it. 

Because I experienced it, it gives me the inspiration that words are to be experienced as well.
Yoga is not to b done, but to be experienced.  

Likewise for words. I believe with this understanding, I will write and affect differently.

II. Reading space

Went to Ekkamai and passed by a reading space yesterday.

Separated by a door, the inside is a world of difference.

It’s essentially a tea shop but a picture of calm and zen. Decorated by wood and lots of clean open space. It presents itself as a place of peace. 

It gives me the inspiration that life is what you want to make out of it.

Eke a difference out of it.

Yes! Create however you want. 

It’s your life. And I believe the universe wants to help u surpass.


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