Just fly & other beautiful moments

Was on my way to work n passed by a patch of green.

There were little sparrows, the road was busy with activity but I still heard them chirp.

It was beautiful because there was awareness in that moment.

Without awareness I wouldn’t b in that moment to capture that truth that happened.

I remember being very stretched one day stepping out of the office n I saw a bird drink from a pool of water.

I remember telling teacher about how I would b especially attracted to a bird even if I was walking on the pavement.

Teacher’s reply- birds stand for freedom n taking flight.

I heard this voice again this morning. With awareness, I also heard an inner voice say, 

“If you don’t stop yourself, no one else can stop you from flying. The sky’s the limit–so, fly. Be fearless. Fly off.”

I hadn’t watched tv for a long time. But At this point in time, I was particularly drawn to a Taiwanese drama. It speaks of the love a man has for a woman. That ran so so deep, he gave her up So she could b free.

I could concur with that feeling because I had bf ‘s blessings to go do what I like.

That was why I felt so moved n attracted.

As I was walking on the pavement again, I saw leaves falling.

It reminded me of the wonder in that moment when I was interviewing Nicholas Tse. 

He was genuinely happy talking about an autumn in childhood. When he was walking and the brown orangey leaves rustled under his feet. I could hear the sound as he spoke.

That’s the beauty of an interview. You travel and wonder . And I m sure I will b reminded of this another time I tread on fallen autumnal leaves.

It is all the more wonderful when I remember how this all began–it is food that took me travelling.


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