What does pasta sound like

You have tasted pasta, but do you know how it sounds like?

Massimo Bottura can tell you.


So in Love with this!

And it’s exactly what I m doing, cross pollinating ideas, creating smthg unique for this new platform I m working on.

Crossovers, deriving freshness from another world and using it to support or arrive at a new perspective .

To get a new eye.

Was writing my story on Pierre Herme, and he has this to say:

“As soon as I received this invitation, I was happy – I always strive to create a global sensory experience that touches upon all five senses and so this gala dinner is a great opportunity! The challenge that interests me is making something exceptional – I have created a special dessert for this occasion, but that is all I can say for now!”

It was as if the universe gave a nod. No one told me how good this is. No one (can/ever will) appreciate this as much as I do.

Only the universe.

I m going all the way and there’s no stopping.



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