Watching Rain

Watching rain can be so therapeutic and enlightening.


I was caught in heavy rain at the bus stop.

People were hiding and trying to prevent themselves from getting wet.

At first me too.

Then I realized I could do something in the rain. With the rain.

I started to close my eyes and to listen and smell the rain.

I started to hear it and feel it washing my body.

I prayed for the rain to cleanse and purify me.

I worked with the rain somewhat and I stopped being afraid of it. I became different from the people beside me.

Then I thought, with intention, awareness , watching the rain can be such a powerful experience.

It was so wonderful that I wanted to get even closer.

I opened my eyes and walked closer to the end of the covered bus stop.



I watched the rain and thought, why should we b afraid of a downpour or of difficulty?

Why can’t we just look at it and enjoy or just embrace n b open to it? Open to the rain and its meaning?

Then I started to put my hand out and after a while, ran out in the rain.

The first steps were amazing!

I was smiling to myself.

My pair of TODs got drenched but I was liberated.



I felt I opened up a bit more.

That was such a delight!

The practice is about healing myself with each step forward . And reminding myself to do that.


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