For Grace is a fantastic documentary showcasing 3 star chef Curtis Duffy of restaurant Grace in Chicago.

He had this tattoo on his left arm which goes,”Grace is the beauty of form under the influence of freedom.”

In the film, he lets in on the most difficult parts of his life and I m so inspired.

I want to make a film like this. Like Kevin Pang, a journalist turned filmmaker for this film. I want to write like Pang and I think I m already writing like that, although it’s in another language. 

When I see how Duffy is now, it really just  dawns upon me how sadness makes happiness. How happiness is built on a wound, of pain.

It seemed the more pain, the more beautiful you will turn out to be.

Beauty came from a depth of injury. There can be no other way .

Love this film and this chef. I m a fan!

I want to interview him. 

The story here:

And this, one of my favorite lines from the story m,

“there is no running away from what you are.”

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