Deserve good things

Was walking.

And feeling or getting in touch with all the heavy murky feelings in my body.

I sort of could see them coming out of my body.

And I saw this.

Tiny little yellow flowers.

If they can stand tall in the wind.

I surely can .

And then I had this feeling that I deserve.

I deserve to live on a nice piece of land,  

I deserve to live in a good property,

I deserve good furniture, good appliance, good products, good food, goodness 

I deserve to live well, 

I deserve.

And it dawned upon me how important this feeling is.

For whatever reasons, whatever past it may be, but the greatest reason is, out of a reinforced habit, I have been stopping myself from deserving.

I have been deriding myself and depriving myself. 

Just thinking and feeling that I can’t!

But I can I can I can!

And I deserve.

For no other reason, simply because 

I deserve.

Om Ma Ne Pad Me Hum.

Thank you universe.


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