Healing (XXIII)

I have seen this before.

But seeing this again now surely warrants a closer look/feel.


So many random thoughts n realization came to mind.

I feel like a misfit because I have grown up n matured. I have values solidified in me that I look forward to guiding me or me fulfilling it in the days ahead.

When these values which I hold upright n steadfast don’t seem to be what matter to society n people around me, I feel wrecked.

They affect me. They break me and I feel sad.

I feel like a misfit.

And what do I do?

In the last few days, when the tired feeling subsided, I felt more in control, even thankful for the creative mess that was to help me streamline n cut away the excesses n things that do not work in my life.

I went to a kabuki show yesterday Ebizo Ichikawa XI n they even imported wood fr Japan to construct the stage flooring .

And why is this necessary?

I got the answer when the curtains open. The set was beautiful. The wood shone. It was genuine. Occasionally when the actors jumped onstage, they become instruments!

And bf says, “Ebizo is like a misfit too. He insisted with his craft n did not move with times. But how did he do it? Why can he still attract people to this day? If u find the answer , you might have found yours too.”

Then I see this picture.

The gold trimmings would b the thought processes I have gone thru that have solidified into gold. 

I m in the process of mend. Like shattered pieces going up to be pieced together in a new order.

And this brings me to the post I added yesterday.

Labyrinth ‘s chef would deconstruct then construct a dish.

I m doing all that.

I can’t help but wonder at all the echoes that are so aligned in my life. 

This must be one of the most importantly work I do in my life.

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