Healing (XXIII)

I decided to write about things that opened me up. Things that warmed me and could melt away the barrier that i have put in place.

1)collecting The sound of Sushi

Was at Sushi Ichi interviewing chef Masakazu Ishibashi. I asked him what he enjoyed about making sushi. And he demonstrated to me.

“I want you to listen”, he said.

and then he sliced a piece of fish. he wanted me to hear the sound of slicing.

then he went on to grate wasabi on the board.

next, he snapped on a piece of sushi.

in these little moments, i opened up.

i feel thankful and really blessed. I know this is divine help.

2)back at home, at bedtime, i put my baby to sleep. he yawned a yawn. and i thought how beautiful that is. the shape of the mouth, the lightly closed eyes. this is beauty.

and i opened up a little.

and then i remembered what Taiwanese author Jiang Xun said, look for beauty in life. that would be the best redemption.

3) Then i heard Li Yapeng say, when you meet with difficulty in life, the only way to go, is to meet with it head on.



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