We are just a marble, rolling around the solar system

These are collections of my thoughts in these few days

1.we are but a rolling marble

a great video helping to depict the scale of things.

one qns put to a man was, why are u here? and the man replied:”because i m out of a job”

it set me thinking.

you do the best things when u r out of a job/the best thing can only happen to u when u are out of a job.

i could go out on an experiment on that hypothesis, and see if its true for myself, just like how these men have tried to put thing in scale.

2. F1 season

its F1 season in SG and the haze miraculously disappeared.

when the F1 drivers drive, and at a speed of 300km/h or more, they drive not by seeing but by memory , but intuition , by feeling.

not thinking.

this got me thinking.

in life, we think too much. we allow our thinking mind to take precedence over feelings, we rather place an emphasis on rationality. but when it comes to the most important things in life, we always go by feelings or intuition.

if that is the case, why don’t we allow more intuitive thoughts, more feelings into our life?

why can’t we just allow?

its just instinct.

the way i write what i write, the way daddy controls planes, the way F1 drivers drive, the way chefs cook.

so life should be about coming back to our instinct.

we should allow that to surface and work on and for our lives.

3. getting sick

i have been getting a lot of tummy disturbances of late and it has affected my back.

then i got a sore throat and fever .

why do people get sick?

then a thought entered my mind. its to cleanse away whatever that needs to. its just the body working and helping the body n mind to detox.

or when the mind has done a fair bit of cleansing, the body follows suit and literally or metaphorically shows the cleaning action.

the mind and body is in tandem.

the other thought that followed–allow.

there were times when the feeling is so bad i feel like succumbing. then a part of me said, just allow. just look at the me that is feeling terrible about it, i don’t have to partake further.

4. redemption

i m always redeemed and at the right time.

i feel extremely grateful.


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