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Its been a such a long time since I read something on a train n then started to fall in love with reading again.

The jingle of the stations , the crowd, the jarring of the rail seemed to be away.

There’s these words of wisdom given by one of the youngest haenyeo, Korean free diving women who scour the seabed surrounding jeju for abalone.

This she said



Wisdom coming from the mouths of everyday people feels so much more real .

Then these, spoken from the mouth of Nicholas Vreeland, grandson of legendary Vogue editor in chief Diana, who left behind a promising career as fashion photographer, shaved his head and moved to India to become a Buddhist monk. Now 30 years later, he has become the right hand man of the Dalai Lama.


Then this, said by American biologist Dr Meg Lowman, who was the first scientist to explore the rainforest canopy.


Then, there’s this paragraph which brought a lot of relief n comfort n simply, joy.

It’s invigorating to read about water not flowing, but floating.

It just tells u that possibilities abound and conventions mean nothing.

I guess it reinforced the belief to get creative , in life.


 As spoken from Anousheh Ansari,the first woman to find her journey into space .

And I feel privileged to be reading this at this end. And at this time when I m feeling immensely weak and void of energy.


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