Healing (VX)


i remember i was in perth and caught sight of some really tiny plants and herbs. and i emailed a friend who is undergoing treatment.

i told her, that seeing these little things grow gave me a lot of energy .

they are so so so tiny, so so so fragile. yet they survived.

they withstand the winds, the sun, the rain, they are always beaten but they allow and accept that process.

this is not the first time i felt strongly for these little plants.

i remember being in hangzhou and seeing these little plants /weeds by the kerbside too. they called out to me in the same way.

it was their strength that called out to me.

but what i saw yesterday was different.

it was who provided these little plants with strength.

i went under the soil , i went underneath and sought out the energy that made these strong.

it was the energy of the earth,

these we are entitled to as well.

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