Healing (XIV)

Inside out

昨天听老师在课堂中提到Inside out这部电影。接着晚上就在facebook看到朋友share



“ Emotions are good for you. Put aside these old ideas of original sin and that passion is animalistic and base. Darwin and others said we have these emotions and they’re good for us, they help us accomplish things. People get lost in the academic terminology. But this movie is telling people to embrace your emotions—it’s OK if you get angry from time to time. There is some reason why you’re doing it. ”

And then sometimes people are saying, “Maybe you should put her on medication.” But what the film says is this is just part of growing and it’s OK. I feel that is the most important message in the movie.

One of the things I really resonated with is that we have a naive view in the West that happiness is all about the positive stuff. But happiness in a meaningful life is really about the full array of emotions, and finding them in the right place. I think that is a subtext of the movie: The parents want Riley to just be their happy little girl. And she can’t. She has to have this full complement of emotions to develop. I think we all need to remember that. This is a weakness in Western culture and the United States. You need sadness, you need anger, you need fear.

我记得我跟老师说,自从上一堂课之后,我更敏感于人生当中的protective higher forces。比如我最需要的时候,总是有一些声音,一些特别的moments,让我驻足停歇,让我把持自己。然后可以夹着那力量进一步往上。



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