Healing (XI)

“When the time is ripe, things will follow.” ——Rishi Naleendra

“You cannot learn fast.”—– Christophe Muller

“Cooking is almost like meditation. You have to be present in the moment. You have to cook with good intentions. Then the food will be wholesome.”—–Manjit Gill

In countless interviews, I have had chefs baring their soul n sharing the wisdom of their lives , what I received in the form of words is a culmination of light over time .

Understanding this brought me to the point of acceptance and what it is. 

Hearing my son’s words, that 

“Mommy, you r beautiful.” And

“I love your everything.”

Brought me a lot of joy.

The words erased all the pain n negativity and put me at ease.

Then yesterday on my way to work, I stopped because I smelled the scent of grass that was cut.

The scent cut into the air n I had to stop.

That was wonderful stopping.

Truly wonderful just to


That scene mattered to me.

Just like how Mr Ng said, it was a moment of seemingly nothingness.

But it gave him a breakthrough.

This gave me mine.

All the events , things, people that stopped me in life.

Was just like how I stopped to smell the scent of freshly cut grass.

They just stopped me.

There was nothing more to that stop if I hadn’t portrayed other things into those stops.

They were just events n things that had to happen, because conditions were present. Like a ripening that had to release a scent.

That’s just that.


When I smelled the grass , I felt wonderful and privileged. To just stop n smell. I remembered how I stopped to smell the roses in paris. 

I could have attended to the stops in my life like I did yesterday. But due to much ignorance , I did otherwise .

But if I hadn’t , I wouldn’t have this understanding n perception today.

The wonder of stopping.


Om ma ne pad me hum.

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