In the Rain


Watching the rain go by brought me a lot of peace that day.

i was so disturbed by the turn of events. kiat’s passing, ah ma’s illness at old age.

i didn’t know what to do.

i didn’t know how to make sense. even though i read about so many teachings, and have them in my ears. but when it comes to u, its still hard to digest.

but looking at the rain gave me peace.

and when i saw the drops falling from the sky and into the river, i had that moment of realisation.

we are but a drop of rain.

in the length and breath of our lives, no matter how long or short. no matter how much or little we have. no matter how.

we are but a drop of rain, that has come full circle, very much like how it formed a circle when it touched the surface of the water.

we are full n whole.

that is because all the conditions are present.

this was v much inspired by rinpoche’s teaching—that no matter what, that that has happened is whole, because conditions are present.

with that, i find it easier to accept the recent happenings.




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