Paris 2014 (I)

It’s 0733hrs in Paris .
The a380 I m thing is descending into this city I hold v close to my heart.

Stuart jones-Pathway thru Life is playing. And from the window, the sky is litting up.
The lights in the city are beckoning.

I have just watched The Hundred Foot Journey n it’s nice.

Some inspirations I take away are
Food is memory
Every bite takes u home
Food makes u cry

It’s about coming home
To yourself

The film shows you the process of life m how success actually brings u further from yourself. And it ends with the message of coming back to where you started, to find yourself and to be yourself.

The other factors do not come into play. They don’t matter.
So long as what you r doing is right.

It’s not right where I m now. Not the environment , not the management , not the work.

I thought of QinZhi . If my two babies are well n happy if I give up my work, it will be all worth it. It will b such as privilege to let go of myself for them.

And the sky that is brightening up as I collect my thoughts serve to second that.

My big project will be to build my daughter’s happiness. She is always on my mind because she isn’t as happy n carefree as she can be. As a mother, I just feel so so so sad.

But I can do something, definitely and I will do it.

I love the grace and smoothing feeling in which the big bird glides in the sky. It’s v inspiring.
Slow steady yet adept n sure

I feel like home when the bird touched ground
I was here alone, at my will in 2011?
It was where I found freedom n my thoughts n my self.
It was where I became me.
It’s 6 deg. Welcome to paris.





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