9-15 is a v short time in australia , but i packed in so many wonderful moments. i learned so much, i met so so many wonderful people, beautiful creatures of being, so much light, i was often touched to tears.

maybe because i do not have the chance to travel much, and this is in fact the first time in 5 plus years that i m on my own.

maybe because i m alone, i m very in tune with the moment, and it was so easy to be inspired by the things i saw, the people i met.

like the first sunset i saw over Leighton Beach in Fremantle. i havent had the luxury of watching the sun go by in a while , and it was so good to me.

all the brilliance and the fading reminded me about resting and following the sun’s rhythm in my daily life, so that when the sun sets, you call it a day too.

and everything that has happened in the day, should be put away.

just rest.


like the beautiful dramatic clouds in the sky, i learn from them as well.

i totally love the drama in the sky, where whites can go on and on and on for acres and acres in the bright blue sky

for they reminded me of worries of frustrations that can be let go,

clouds have no strict form, they change and move with the wind, so why not let our preoccupations in the mind be like the cloud,

they came from nowhere and nowhere is where they should go too.

and when they do, our mind, is a clear blue sky.


i love the urban orchard in perth cultural centre.

for the greens that have been in place of what was once dull and drab. and it was lifeless. and its full of life and vitality now.

i love going through all the plants and seeing them for myself, like an olive tree!

i love the idea of plucking an asparagus from the soil and putting it in my mouth and hear it snap, you could taste the sweetness and whats so pristine in life,

i love more, the idea that this place is totally organic and that it is free for all to come and harvest. i cannot imagine how much happiness it gives to people, just coming here to be in touch with nature and to be harvesting a fruit or a potato.

i love it, that there were planting days and people could help plant and have participated in a space that was once null.

i love all the effort that goes in here.

people were skeptical of the project , fearing that this place would be abused, but no, what surprised authorities were that users respected this place a lot. there was love attached.

i love this all, and it tells me a lot about giving and having an open heart, that if you are not afraid of people taking advantage , in the end, you would still be the one laughing.


i love it at the play space @ perth cultural centre. there was lots of metals and wood to sleep children at play out of plastics, and with creativity, the metals become instruments that encourage you to be a musician, to play and to have fun.

and you just do, magic happens and therapy happens and u are liberated in music.


at Many6160, an old department store Myers was converted to a pop up store housing all sorts of creative people and their work.

then empty and souless, now full of energy and brimming with creativity

its all sososo inspiring, like this man who was a naturopath and decided to do surfboards and to teach people how to make surfboards , just hoping that he could inspire and encourage people to accomplish what they thought would have been impossible

it was so good because numbers didn’t matter, and he just wanted to act in a way which he could to make a difference to the world.

it was so good because there was love and compassion for other people.


at rottnest island, i went up the lighthouse, it was spiralling and quite a challenge to go up and down, but it was good, because i m forced to concentrate and to go

one step at a time.


i love the little plants that i saw along the way, some of them sprucing out of cracks / rocks/ some of them so so small, i could sense their might and strength in wanting to be in being.

i  just so so touched by these little plants.

there’s so much beauty in them.

they are small yet so big, they make me feel little.


i love smelling the rosemary!

pass your fingers on the herbs and they smell so gooood

like a perfume, i become.

IMG_8599  \

and i love putting my nose to it

the scent is ……very pure and pristine, very true and gentle.

it was as if they were releasing the scent to remind me, to take time and smell the roses


i love putting my hands to touch, whether it be plants, or the salt lakes at rottnest,



i love how this flower buds and grows outwards and upwards, there’s just so much in life to celebrate.


i love the floor work and the shadows cast by the jacaranda in the sun.

art is everywhere.

and i become part of it, this moment , it was so so so wonderful!



and this peony at MONA that i saw, was bright pink on the outside, the petals were big yet tender and soft, they remind me to be gentle.

and inside is all yellow.

i love it when i m taking a picture and someone sees me and says:” they are pretty, aren’t they?”

they inspire me to look inwards

its the path that i should go to, and more so, on the journey ahead.

look inside and you will find.


i love all the talk, all the friends that i made

this korean girl hyo, a photographer who lives in jeju and carries around a remote control button to take pictures

these people just come in my life, just as i have intruded into theirs.

these short moments and pockets of time, i think i gave my truest and they turned out v well


me with seon



and at the MONA dinner, i spoiled with peter horgen, ceo of OMD .

we had a nice chat and at one point, he said it was touching to hear what i say.

i love these moments . and so i sent him this tasmania devil that was in my room.


and the korean girls were looking for me when we arrived in SG

it was a short time, but it was gd to meet



i love the sun, the warmth and its colour. i was in the car and playing with my phone when i took this pix.

it exposes you to the colour in the sun.


another one when we approached GASP, on Derwent River.


and i thank myself, for walking with me, not only in these few days, but in all of those that i have .

thank you for being with me and walking through all of those, goods and bads,

i wouldn’t be here today otherwise.


i was on the plane from melbourne to tasmania when i saw this.

the sun shining on the plane from above.

we are not able to see the sun, but it comes through after all.

it is always with us, shining on us.

i feel as if it was a blessing, a ball of light, of protection.

i loved the feeling of feeling myself in the image i see, me, in that distant luminous ball and i m looking at it,

it makes me feel v v tiny, and it impresses upon me this very truth of impermanence and change, for i could see it no more, when we go past the clouds


being in all this beauty made me aware of how blessed i m, and i wish to spread the feeling of warmth,

that you ,  you , you and you, be well, keep very well, and you HAV E to come out , come and see this beautiful world for yourself .




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