Been feeling stressful n extremely tired of late
And it makes me want to listen to myself.
What isn’t in sync?
Is it the work I m doing or the life I m living?
M I living?
Is this what I really want to do?
I m in confusion again.
And as I fight my own war within, I wonder where the strength comes from?
What about people who are in the midst of tougher battles?
How do they carry on?
Where do we draw the strength to carry on each moment n each day?
And then I found this drawing as I approached the lobby.
I have been walking into this building everyday .
But no I haven’t been .
I haven’t seen this till today.

The drawing commissioned by SPH as a gift to Singapore for her 50th birthday next year.

Drawn by Stephen Wiltshire . The savant.

As I looked at the drawing, I got my answer.

The strength is in this.

Amazing things. Impossible things.
That people do .

That is like magic.

That is no matter how hard, go on. Go on. GO on. GO ON.

And you will be the amazing thing .




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