Stephen Wiltshire

3岁诊断出有自闭症的英国人Stephen Wiltshire有惊人的能力。只要看一眼,就能记一辈子。












I came for the third time. To see Stephen Wiltshire draw.
He has been diagnosed with autism at 3 but has the power to draw a city with one look.

Every time I came, he stirred up emotions.
Today as well.
There was a stirring of emotions. I couldn’t take myself away. And after I did, the emotions would surge.

That’s how moving he is.

I looked at the drawing in disbelief.

It’s so beautiful . Is that my city? My country? Where I live in with my loved ones?

He makes me wonder n appreciate n grow to love my city.

That’s how moving it is. The power of the savant.






Is my city that beautiful?
It must be ! How else can it turn out this way?
How did my city appear to Stephen Wiltshire? How does it feel to him? It must be that that THAT beautiful.

Or, he has such beautiful heart. He must have had one. Otherwise, how can Singapore turn out to be so beautiful.

He exposed his heart to us in that drawing.

Something so precious n deep n truthful.

He actually bared it all.
He showed it to us without qualms.

I think that’s the real beauty.

The drawing reflected the truest of him, in him.

He is beyond inspiration. He allows me to take so many things from him in a drawing.

I believe we didn’t have this chance for nothing.

He has this to say: do the best you can, and, never stop.

Thank you for coming Stephen Wiltshire.

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