opening up

i was on my own to the shangri la hotel for an interview with michelin one star chef Marcello Spandone fr abruzzo , italy when i came across this lotus, just outside club 21’s como house on grange road.

IMG_8264 IMG_8266

a few steps down the road, and it came upon my realisation, that whatever life presents, the way to live it, is to open up.

it reminds me, this opening blossoming lotus, that one should open up to life, whatever the weather, the winds, whatever.

it brought me to accepting my own fatigue i m experiencing now, this panting feeling, this swirling in the head, the tired in my eyes.

did i open up to these ? did i even acknowledge these states? however discomfort they may have been?

it reinforced the idea of opening up, this wisdom.

and i had a chance with this. remember in my last art lesson, i told yen, that there is so much grace and wisdom in opening oneself up to all of life has to offer. yet, i m not doing it.

or not enough of it.


and thereafter, every step of the way, i saw how nature opened itself up, how it presented itself to life, no matter how big or small each plant is. whether indoors or out.

IMG_8268 IMG_8269 IMG_8270 IMG_8267

we have to, in the same way. we have to present ourselves to life, devote ourself to life, n a way that is truest to our self .

in that way, the magic of colour turns up in our lives.

nothing else.

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