Inspiring and thought provoking

Chanced upon these v thought provoking and inspiring comments which drew something out if me.


I think I would draw, write, be in nature. I think I would do more yoga n even running. I think I would have more children. I would be in love every day. Each moment.


This one I saw many many years back. Seeing it serves as a reminder to me. That I should wash myself clean of all prejudice and start afresh , not every day but every second.


This one I could resonate deeply. It is not perfection that is beauty. But how imperfections les perfection, like the thousand year old tree in Chiangmai that was weather n insect bitten yet so beautiful . Had it not been, it might not have found its place.

Had it not been, I wouldn’t have been me.

How wise TPY!


It’s that verse in the middle—-work gives you time
That touches me.
Work used to take time away from me.
I used to want to get out of it.
But that was past.
Now, work actually really gave me time.
It have me room to explore the world n myself. It offered me respite when I was down . Work nourished me n I found time n contentment in it.

I m thankful!

Om ma me pad me hum!


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