The lesson

2 Colleagues had to deal with the passing of their loved ones.

As an outsider, even I m affected.

The heaviness n tugging that is at heart.

I had indigestion !

And it shows how stirring these events are.

The indirect effect on me is that they brought up disturbing emotions that I took a loooooong time to settle down.

It shows to me that I m still shallow in my practice or how easily I can be unnerved.

It brought to mind once again, that normality is the greatest bliss.

It brought to mind how important being gentle to oneself n others can be , irregardless where or when.

It brought me face to face with qns I have about life, what a surreal experience life is n can be.

How dreamlike it is in nature, how easily life can wane , yet we take too many things too seriously n get ourselves worked up unnecessarily .

It made me check against my choices: is what I m doing now right ? Is there a better way of living this precious life I have?

And I m once more acquainted with buddha’s teaching:


Om ma ne pad me hung

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