I can always stop when I WANT

Art is so empowering
I always get the answers I need in the middle of it.

I haven’t met yen in a while n I was telling her about how busy I have been. Being everywhere at the same time attending to different things.

Then yen said: have u painted a bridge before?

I thought, how interesting n I started.

I thought about a Facebook post I saw. It’s a bridge in Korea where pple go to in despair, pple want to jump down from here.

But I think Hyundai or Samsung did up the bridge with notes telling of hope, courage n light.

And the bridge of death became a bridge of life.

I got the inspiration n started painting my way.

I chose black n brown n bold strokes for a wide open solid bridge.

Then I painted trees, bottles of water, books n cups to denote nature, healing things, knowledge/writing n leisure respectively.

These r the things that enrich me n can b found on either side of the bridge.

I painted the bridge golden for that is the golden path I m walking on. I hope every step is with awareness n light.

The colour is stronger towards the end to signify a maturity.

The wisdom of painting is revealed as I realise that So long as I STOP
To look at everything on the bridge around me, n to appreciate them, I can b enriched n fulfilled along the way.

I can always pick up a book, a cuppa, I CAN ALWAYS stop n feel the wind, go for a holiday WHENEVER I want.

I have the power.

And so I got the answer, I know what to do now .

Then yen said: the next step is to draw yourself on the bridge. Are u at the beginning, middle or end?

I drew myself a ball of light at the beginning.


I feel that my spirit is just blossoming n just like an embryo at the premature stage even though my flesh is old.

It feels like I have just started to know myself .

Yes it feels this way.

And I m a ball of light, porous n open, much like I m blended into nature n u can’t extract me out of nature, allowing the winds to go through me.

I m an open system . I open myself up n allow myself to experience .

I feel this way.

And I love the buoyancy gentle flowing of the ball, not like a jutty feeling of energies . It reminds me if the jellyfish in the aquarium, there is a lot of smoothness , gentleness n beauty in the movement. There’s speed in slowness n slowness in speed. It’s controlled n at ease.

It’s awareness.

And I got myself again

I want to walk n work this way.

A Gentle flowing nothing can disrupt.

I so love art!


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