Better version of Myself

As inspired by Alan Wallace whom I had an interview with.

His dialogue was titled : How to b a better version of myself?

Inherent in this question or pursuit, is the question: what is the version of yourself.

It is a work of recognizing , acknowledging . As well , to b comfortable in my skin, that’s now.
If not, to work on bettering oneself by letting go of the past.

He asked the qns: who r u when u r alone facing the world, naked of all things?

I try for once to imagine that me .

I think it would b someone more like a baby than I m now. Free-ier. Purer. Less bounded. Maybe fuller. Simpler. Unaffected.
It’s the essence of me that is unbounded by anything. Transcending space n time.

So why that me not here now?

Because of all the external conditions surrounding me now?

It seemed like an excuse.

But the qns was vital in showing that the essence of me is whole n it’s nature, unaffected n powerful.

I guess the work to do is to try n b more n more aware of this nature n to reach down to it, more n more.

And I think the work I have done so far puts me in the right direction.

I think I know myself better than before. I think I know what I want more than before.


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