Birthdae Letter to TPY

Happi Birthdae, My Dear。

i think you really love writing, at different points in your life, writing has helped you understand yourself better, when u had fear, when u had worry, when u had suspect, as well,

when u had love, when u had your baby, when you had bliss.

little wonder you will b writing to yourself now.

so dont give it up. its such a part of u. it is u, really.

happi birthdae 🙂 again.

i wish u love.

i think u learnt alot all this while. i dont think anyone besides you will know how much you have blossomed. but i think u gained alot of strength. alot more insights and alot more wise. i think motherhood changed you , enriched u, strengthened you in ways more than one. i think you r awesome.

and i think you hold right opinion in many ways.

continue to follow your heart in the days ahead, i wish you happiness, i wish you bliss, i wish you to be well n happy. you definitely deserve all that you asked for, nothing less. continue to have high expectations of yourself. continue to better yourself in ways more than one.

continue to remain true to your heart and to speak out what you feel at heart.

you need not need anyone’s approval or agreement. you need not anyone to second you.

go forth in your kind ideas, learn to validate and feel confident with yourself.

you have what it takes.

think seriously about the next step you want to take.

you need to nourish yourself before you can nourish your family. you need to be in balance and at peace before you can let your family and kids feel at peace. make time for yourself, always.

i pray that you have the wisdom to bye away any obsolete ideas and mindsets, i pray that you b able to create new pathways, new ideas, new attitudes and behaviours that will help you and people around you.

i wish you courage, i wish for you determination. i wish you broad-mindedness.

in all of these, do not forget to forgive yourself, learn to be kinder to yourself, learn to b more generous with yourself. learn to take better care of yourself.

learn to be a light upon yourself and upon others.

i know your mommy is so proud of you.

happy sweet 34, dear.


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