My Purpose



看到这一段“we came into this world at this time, becoz we want to, we want to fulfill a certain purpose. whether it is apparent to u or not, we r all here for a purpose.look for that purpose n do the best in your life u can. u do not have to worry abt the rest, bcoz the other things will fall in place.”

我不禁要问自己:what is my purpose?in this lifetime?


my purpose is (to learn) to be brave.

be brave n overcome myself, achieve breakthroughs in the big n little ways. to let go of obsolete mindsets, systems, habits, doings. set out on a new path n invent new systems, mindsets, habits.

n these in big n little ways, as small n little as overcoming anegative thought n replacing it with a new positive one, retuning my mind.

as big as learning to let go of certain things in life, like my job, like a love of yesterday.

be brave by letting go.

My purpose of coming here is to learn to be brave.


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