I was just feeling a little lonely
In my marriage .

For some time already.

When we have some time on our side

We just don’t chit chat
We don’t say sweet nothings
We don’t ask how’s your day
We don’t discuss about the big n little things that took place in each others day
We don’t share.

Much less on busy days

When we have time on our own,
Daddy will just watch tv, catch a movie online, go to his computer whenever he has the time.

I feel neglected. As a woman , I feel he should initiate n take the lead in a relationship.

Normally I will sit beside him , maybe subconsciously i was waiting for him to talk.

But at most times, we just end up watching tv together but apart, surfing the iphone or ipad n then going to sleep.

Where’s all the talk we talked before?

If we want another five years together, I don’t think this way will work.



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