Mind as creator of reality


Ultra interesting n enriching read that sheds light on reality n the connection with mind.

Some excerpts:

Your thoughts do indeed create your reality. Thoughts are forms of energy that are sent ahead and eventually manifest as physical matter. The thoughts you think determine the outcome of your worldly experiences, from finances to health, relationships to environment. In fact, there is no aspect of your life that is not affected by your thoughts.
“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” -Albert Einstein

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” -William James

Words do not matter much but the emotion behind the words does. The Universe works on vibration. Everything is vibration first and matter second. When you feel an affirming emotion when focusing thought you are now creating dynamic change. Pure thought with positive emotion is said to be the equivalent of 2000 action hours. The problem that many people run into is that they “pretend” to be positive on the outside but are really vibrating negativity on the inside. They might not even be aware of what it is that they are doing.

Three Ways of Attracting

1. Direct Asking
You are angry that you have a beat up old car and every day you proclaim how much you despise this car and wish someone would just come along and crash into it to get rid of it. Lo and behold, you are involved in a traffic accident and your car is destroyed. You act surprised when this event transpires and you move into blame and anger. You believe whole-heartily that it must be the other driver’s fault for not paying closer attention.

2. Fear
You might have heard stories of how wild animals are attracted to fear so if you are approached by one do not run or act afraid. The Law of Attraction works the very same way. If you are afraid of “catching” a horrible disease you are still attracting it to you. If you are afraid of financial failure you are still attracting it. Whatever you are afraid of has a good chance of coming closer to you. This occurs because your thoughts are like magnets, whether those thoughts are positive ones or negative ones.

3. Vibrational Alignment
Emotional alignment is important when attracting. Imagine leaving the house feeling like a victim. Why does it surprise you when you spill coffee on yourself? This incidence only matches a vibration that you were already experiencing. Like attracts more of the same. A vibration of negativity will bring more negativity your way whereas a vibrational attitude of positivity will attract positive results.


Why would someone deliberately choose to develop a horrible disease or choose to have bad things happen to them? This is often a challenging question for many to understand. The answer is very simple. We all have a part of ourselves that is frozen in sabotage. Not everyone wants to feel well or to be wealthy. Most people have invested a great amount of time and thought into sabotage and this is what shows up. You might have heard the expression that says, “if you go looking for trouble then trouble is likely to find you.”

A parent knows all too well how sabotage works. At one time or another most children will “develop” a cold or sickness to avoid a situation like going to school or visiting a relative. The child’s thoughts are powerful enough to change the physical body so the child can escape a situation that he or she does not know how to handle (i.e. a test, a conflict etc.).

As adults, our powerful thoughts continue to sabotage our lives, only the outcome is often quite stronger. From putting on weight to financial hardships, if you are not thriving then your thoughts are actively involved in sabotaging your greatest successes. You have invested in sabotage as the primary reference point in your life. Somehow you errantly believe that you are benefiting from sabotage just like the sick child feels a benefit by not having to attend school.

For instance, many people create illnesses to rest, take a break from life, to be taken care of by others or to avoid an uneasy situation. Instead of learning to find the tools to resolve these conflicts, becoming sick is the easiest way to find relief. One could make the argument that hospitals are filled with people who are choosing illness as a way of getting relief from a mental conflict that they are unable to resolve any other way. Yes, your mind is that powerful and there are no exceptions.

—–>the last few paragraphs had my mind clicking n had the effect of waking me.

So. Qinzhi’s repetitive fevers n colds some time back could b a way in which she was working to get herself to pasir ris.

Redhill was stressful to her, possibly. And being sick allowed her to b at pasir ris.

And me too!

I kept sabotaging myself. I wondered why I couldn’t just break free of the fears n negativity?

Why do I keep having or feeding myself negative thoughts? Why do I still hang on to fear? Why do I keep moving in circles? Why do the same circumstances befall me?

It’s a bad habit I have engaged myself in again n again!
It’s not that you can’t get out but whether you want to !

Now I realized !

I sabotaged myself because I hadn’t been able to resolve a major conflict in my life!

When my dad fled, when mommy left n I was solely in charge of managing my broken poor home, I felt victimized .

I felt wronged n punished. I had to be present to those heavy responsibilities when I didn’t want to. I felt I didn’t deserve these.

I felt like a victim.

And a lack of wisdom didn’t allow me to go far.

I continued to victimize myself after it all, allowing myself to sink n fall in fear. Allowing myself to be influenced by affected by others….. I allowed myself to be a victim.

It was a place of familiarity in which I could sink in my emotions n ask for love. It shows my lack of confidence n security.

Silly! I could have asked for love directly!

Why i havent! And so, I chose the role of a victim again n again, in almost all circumstances, I chose to play that role!

It was a state that I unwisely chose over n over again. Locking myself in a bad habit n bad state continuously.

And so, now I know, I can choose not to sabotage myself . With awareness n wisdom, i know I can choose.

I have choice.

Yes I suffered those years. But I learnt much as well. Without that path, i wouldnt be me now. i wouldnt have been able to amass the skills n maturity that is in me now.
Those were pathways that I needed to walk on to grow.

And so, sabotage, thanks for teaching me these great lessons.


All that I have been through cannot work for me from now on. I need a new method for my life.

Work is now on harnessing awareness n wisdom to shedding mental obesity , rewire n realign , healing n blossoming me .

With my v best wishes, TPY, you can do it.


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