QinZhi asked me if I were happy a few days back.

I told a white lie.

I don’t think I m , really. There is still a bit more to address to b at ease.

But this afternoon, I did several things , all happy ones !

I waited 4 mins for a freshly baked peanut pancake! The skin was paper crispy!

And it was prepared by a hawker who has been doing it for 26 years!


I chatted with the uncle n found that this was his wife’s recipe . I loved waiting n seeing how he prepared his stuff — the batter, the pancake, the peanuts!

This simple food was in my childhood, my youth, my adulthood. I don’t know how many memories it has locked in .

Talking to the hawker brought back memories of the times when I interviewed somebody. He was obviously proud of his craft.

And I think I made a difference to his day. And in turn, it made mine different .

Every bite gave me happiness.

As I climbed the steps up to do art, I didn’t pant as much!


Yen ‘s topic was: inner child in you

And I did this :


I told her this is more about getting the colours right.

I mixed white with each of the colours to arrive at these tenderly sweet shades.

At first I wanted to keep the shades clean, but when they collided they resulted in these natural beautiful colours. I decided to go along n left them natural.


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