I was asleep n QinZhi woke up n came to find me.
Daddy never really asked what QinZhi wanted, never did he TRY n bring QinZhi back to bed or TRY coax her.

He went to sleep in her room .

After that, QinZhi woke me and said she wanted to sleep in her room.

She wanted to sleep in her room . Just that she needed some company and assurance.

Daddy decided to leave her to me.

Can’t there b more consideration for the other party? Consideration that I will be up at night feeding haohao?

Like when I was extremely tired out handling the kids alone when daddy is at work , I pulled myself up, washed all the dishes in the basin, washed n hanged the clothes , boiled water so daddy needn’t do anything when he got back.

This is consideration n cooperation.

And So it goes that I fell asleep with qinzhi till haohao cries n woke me up at 1plus am.

As usual, daddy is oblivious. he continues to sleep.

Just like when haohao cries, he rather not bother n keep his hands free: LET HIM CRY.

I seriously think some consensus as to how we should deal with children would be helpful. Then consideration for the other party. And

I m tired out.
Feels as if I m pulling off the trick on my own. This is dragging me down.
I m Tired out totally. Not by the kids but by the lack of cooperation.


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