Our first staycation


If u could remember, we made wonderful memories at our v first family staycation . On Vesak day.

First we went to pay respects to Buddha n QinZhi wants to “bathe” Buddha , daddy queued a long time for it.



I m glad she has ideas about Vesak day, purifying oneself in thoughts actions n speech.

And when she knelt in front of Buddha, she invited me to sing the vairocana mantra she mastered!

Talking about staycation,
The night before, QinZhi was so v excited at the staycation . She packed the clothes she chose n stuffed many toys into her Mickey Mouse trolley.

When we arrived at Fairmont , she was elated n dancing at the lobby.






Then in the room, she explored each n every area. She danced up n diwn the bed. slipped under the covers. opened the cupboards.

I did not expect the staycation could provide that much imaginary play. She would pick up the phone n talk to Mickey or Donald or daisy to ask why they have not visited her!

Needless to say,
She loved the phone most! n would sit at the desk to write abc on the notepads!

At times, we would reprimand her if she were too loud or clumsy or if she happened to jump on the bed because Huaihao is sleeping n would b startled at the slightest noise.

But I was careful with my choice of words–she should have an equal chance to play n b herself too! Why should she b restricted at all?

While she swam, I carried Huaihao who is asleep.




As for Huaihao, It’s his first time out n he seems fairly occupied with the colorful n busy city shopping life.


He seems fairly happy with the room too, perhaps becoz it was air conditioned !


And he tried the bathtub! He was really happy playing in the water!



After the swim, bath n dinner, qinzhi came back to the room still very excited , it didn’t matter if she missed her nap.

I loved it when she hugged me like a bolster n asked why hotels have no bolsters? Or why a bath is necessary after a swim? N etc.

I loved to c her n make her happy!

She says she wants to stay n not go home.


And as she was hugging me, she says softly : u have not kissed me.

I asked her to repeat, n she shakes her head.

I kissed each n every part of her face n I suddenly feel how my mom would have felt at her daughter—- how she would worry about my health, my well being, my happiness, my safety, my husband, my.. Everything .

It’s that different with daughters because they r just so so so delicate no matter the age.

But now that I m writing, I think my daughter could do less with worries but more well wishes. This would b how I can change things.

And after kissing her , she fell asleep.

I think attitude makes a lot of difference .

In the past, I would b hesitant to bring baby out. But now, I think different n act differently.

With the new Manduca carrier, I was quite ready to bring bb where I went.

For I felt that he shouldn’t b discounted in any sense. Not to mention, left elsewhere.

A family should stay together. A family stays together.


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