Heaviness and Tightness

its been a while since i have had this feeling.

feelings of heaviness , discomfort, bloat n difficulty in breathing, a tightness. one pain followed another.

i felt vexed n frustrated.

why why why?i asked

what caused it?

how did i slip into this again?didnt i just come out from it?

n i thought, this is one of the pains of life.

we r always struggling , fighting something.

a part of ourself which we feel helpless at…

but it seems to me, i was the one who orchestrated this all, in my line of thoughts. i sought to reside in fear.

i want to change this, n now is the time.

fighting it isnt the way to go. its accepting n changing. a bit of change here n there to kickstart a new pathway . creating some flexibility here n there. i want to n have to.

bcoz this is the one thing i can do for my children.

to give them a mother who is fearless.


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