The Heart is Noble: Changing the World from the Inside Out


this is a book by   His Holiness the Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje,. n it contains lots of wisdom .

He says that anything is possible.

“Inside each of us there is a noble heart. This heart is the source of our finest aspirations for ourselves and for the world. It fills us with the courage to act on our aspirations. Our nobility may be obscured at times, covered over with small thoughts or blocked by confused and confusing emotions. But a noble heart lies intact within each of us nonetheless, ready to open and be offered to the world. Our task—the task of this book—is to recognize this noble heart within us and learn to connect with it, to make it the basis of all that we do and feel. When we clear away all that blocks it, this heart can change the world.

“Our life is vast. It does not stop at the limits of what we per­sonally experience. It is not something concrete or bounded. I do not think it is valid to view our life as limited to just ourselves—as if our human life extended only as far as our own body. Rather, we can see that a life extends out in all directions, like a net. We throw a net, and it expands outward. Just like that, our life extends to touch many other lives. Our life can reach out and become a pervasive part of everyone’s life.”

“The wish to pull in or push away what we perceive around us is a big force in our relationships. Rather than relaxing and appreciating the other person, we engage in a constant struggle to get what we want from them, and to avoid getting what we do not want. For that reason, in order to build healthy relationships we need to deal with our attachment as well as our aversion.”

“Now it is up to you to maintain your enthusiasm in acting for the good of the world. If you do so, anything is possible. … Remember: there is no fixed starting point for you to begin from to accomplish whatever you aspire to achieve. Changing the world for the good can start from right where you are, right now.”


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