After 3 months , I m
So happy to go for my art therapy !

It is the window of time for myself that makes me happy n clears my system.

In this window, thoughts just distill themselves. Wisdom floats upwards in moments n I m simply glad to arrest these moments in time.

Yen reminds me to take stock of the wonderful things I have done n to cherish these, for they carry a lot of strength n wisdom, “which u always have “, she says.

She talked about the strength n
Power of thoughts n working in tandem with the universe, these I already knew.

“Like when u say u wanted a baby n he is out now.”

Yes. Yes . Yes.

Like I said I wanted to stop work n build my family.

Like when I m delivering Huaihao , without epidural.

Looking back, I m amazed myself , often , wondering where on earth I got those strength , inspiration n energy from.

“Do u feel at your most painful, it is when your awareness is strongest?”

I remember telling myself then, that nothing is impossible so long as u do not limit yourself.

It’s a boundless feeling, thinking that n it is v empowering.

And I managed to create a new pathway .

I said even now I do not believe I have done it.

Just how n why, people don’t believe even though they have an experience? I wanted to ask yen: how do u believe?

And the answer emerged: just believe in yourself. Believe more n more. Once n again.

I drew a picture of Huaihao in a red robe to symbolism him escorted by lama, in Xiaokang ‘s dream.

To me, Huaihao is a reminder of new pathways n promises the new, looking for the new n awareness . And qinzhi teaches me by reflection on the old me with awareness.

Thank u teachers.


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