Revisiting realizations

比如我之前写:when a bb is born,so is the mother.

答案我之前已经有:"and so i really do see how precious a teacher qinzhi is and can be.

i remember during art class, i told teacher Yen, that qinzhi is here to teach me, really, and she remarked that all the issues i have, will be resolved bcoz of this teacher.

how true.

n i think this is magic. life’s magic.

in trying to correct qinzhi, i find myself given a second chance to address and invent myself. i m given a second chance to live. and i want to make good this. and i have to grab this chance. and in helping myself, i help many others too."



我觉得这次,似乎更up to my role as mommy。

另外,更深刻的体悟是:不要因为赶,忙,荒废每一刻。就如tsokyni rinpoche说的:take care of every moment, every breath.

这几天,不知道是担心大腿的疼痛,还是月经造成的劳累,觉得胸部很紧很闷,呼吸被挡住的感觉。那也是因为,old habits旧有处世态度征服了我,我没有用觉知和正念去照顾每一个呼吸。

早前曾经这么写这么做:practised the practice of letting go
No matter what thoughts
To just let it go

And it felt good

And Yen reminded me to live in the moment
To return to the moment of the here n the now

On this birthday morning, I made a vow n asked for blessings for a breakthrough in the person that I have been,

To b aware n
to break free of all past n unwholesome deeds n habits
n to return, reclaim the me that is wise,
fearless n confident, carefree n strong, unbounded n capable of all things,
me before any history has been made in the many times of life I have accumulated in me.


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