Penang Hawkers Buffet

I m so glad I brought your daddy to this fare

It’s at York Hotel n three times a year they invite the famous Penang hawkers to cook here

There’s their crispy lor bak
Cuttlefish Kang kong
kway teow soup


Penang laksa n rojak


Penang o luak ( egg omelette )n char kway teow



Penang prawn noodle soup


Ban Chang Kueh


The best ban chang kweh I have ever had
Crispy thin n lightness n a salty sweet peanut crunch

Then chendol !


These r all food of yesteryear
Of Singapore some 20-30 yrs back
Tastes of nostalgia
They r not refined or of especially high quality
But they simply taste close to heart
They r not tastes hotels can replicate
But borne out of the Penang hawkers’ experiences
I love food that way


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