Is seeing a lovely breakfast of porridge on the coffee table when I walk out of the bedroom in the morning

This porridge has the longest queue at the market n daddy would have to wake up at 6am to buy it


Joy is having daddy according respect to my nanny n taking care of them when they r at redhill by buying them food n upping the amount of token we show them each month.

I cannot say how touched I m.

Joy is feeling the little flutters in my tummy as I go about my daily activities. Baby lets me know he is kicking already, however transient n evasive the fluttering.

Joy is awareness of what I can do n to fight for my own. In the past I would b ruffled if someone added me extra workload here n there, now I knew how to deflect it with a certain ease n style n I find myself pacified.

It feels like There is a certain elevation of sorts.

I sincerely give thanks.

Om ma ne pad me hum n may all sentient beings experience joy.


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