Parenting: Fight for your own

During an interview this afternoon, a working mommy who spends only breakfast time with her only ten yr old daughter says:

“I know there will b one day that she has to b on her own, so from young, we train her to b independent.

There was once when my daughter’s teacher changed her role in a play 2 days before the actual performance.

But I wouldn’t write a complain letter for her.

I told her this: speak up if u think u r right. U have to fight for yourself n ur own right because nobody else will fight or speak for u.

I m not teaching her to b rude or bad. Just that, if u think u have a valid point, u should speak up for urself.”

It was a learning lesson for me too.

How many times did I not speak up even if I felt I had a point ?

Fighting for my own right or point was not smthg that was cultivated in me, hence the many chances for me to cultivate now.

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