Letting (It)Be

LETTING BE MEDITATION ~ by ven. ajahn brahm:

Letting be meditation can become quite powerful.

If your breath meditation or metta meditation or other type of meditation isn’t working, very often it’s because the foundation is incorrect. so just do the letting be meditation.

You can “sit out in the garden” and just let things be. Whatever is happening, that’s OK. whatever you’re experiencing is fine – no preferance,no choice, no good or bad, no arguement, and no commentary.

Just let things be.

You can have a little bit of a inner speech, but only a commentary about “letting be”. Just be with what is.Just be with thoughts concerned with the meditation subject, but not about anything else.

The way the meditation comes close to complete silent awareness of the present moment.

If I’m in pain,if I have a headache,or some other pain….I say:”just let it be”.

I don’t argue with it,don’t get upset about it, I just watch the feelings in my body as the mosquito pushes its nose into my flesh and itching sensations follow.”just let things be”.

If you’re lying in bed at night and can’t go to sleep: “let it be”. Or if there’s pain that won’t go away: “just let it be”.

Just be with it.Don’t try running away.

If demons have come into ur room,you’re not not going to push them out,but you’re not going to invite them to stay either.You’re just going to let them be.

Letting be is the practice of equanimity.


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