Daddy bought this for me :)

Dear qinzhi

Daddy bought these for me.


Having the second one was a completely new experience for me.

I was constantly hungry, ravenous n nauseous. I have hunger , indigestion n nausea all in one. Or one after another.

Everything I ate didn’t seem correct. In the beginning there was a weird metallic taste, after that I couldn’t take v salty or sweet stuff, bcoz they would leave an after taste in my mouth that would invite nausea.

So eating became a totally new experience, I feel like I m tasting everything again in ways I haven’t tasted at all. It’s like I m
Experimenting or learning abt food n making choices like a newbie again. And daddy is with me on all of these experiments.

This muesli bread was something that agreed with me after much trials. Daddy agreed to buy it for me after work but forgot abt it.

I casually suggested he went to raffles place to get it n he did


I loved this gesture.

Then there’s the organic apples n drinks fr the organic store


And the head massages at night.

I love them all.

And every day is different, feeling wise. I have lots of dreams, lots of hopes n fears, and I have been sick the second time in the first trimester, the nausea comes abt at different times lasting different lengths

I brought out the books daddy bought for me n did a revision


A second read made them all feel fresh, it’s this pregnancy that is fresh n different

Words take on a different meaning, like one paragraph says

“my advice is to slow down n enjoy this chapter in your life. Before long, u would have arrived in another season”

The other talks abt how an ejaculate contains 200 million sperms but how only one manages to fertilize the egg.

I read on n thank this complex chain of reactions that made every baby so so so precious

And what I m
Trying to work hard at is learning to meditate on the above, on hunger nausea fear dreams hopes

I thank all that has allowed me To learn meditation .

I hope the little one will b inspired.


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