Innermost Openness

More wisdom fr tsoknyi rinpoche

1) sometimes u feel blocked, cannot feel warmth etc, go back to that innermost openness, drop into that innermost openness.

Clouds are like the thoughts, u don’t want to hold on to beautiful thoughts n feelings, juz look at them passing by without any judgement .

2) talk to your old habitual patterns with kindness
He used the eg of crossing the twin towers in KL to show the residual energy in his subtle body, he has a fear of heights bcoz he fell when he was little, when he couldn’t cross the twin towers, his awareness brought him to understand he is suffering as a result of the past.

“so talk to the old habitual pattern with kindness, it’s true but not real n the pattern will start to shift”

I heard this before, n it came as a reminder. I m brought to mind my fear of seeing the doctor, of death n now, of having a cold.

Like this time when the cold lasted 2 wks, there were times in those 2 wks that I m brought to mind how mummy died bcoz of a cold or flu gone bad.
But at those times, there were a sense of awareness that came on immediately after, that says, that is an incident, I won’t repeat it.

So in a sense, I was talking to my old habitual pattern too.


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