Joy, is

之一。Sitting by Myself

Its saturday and i m sitting by myself. After a week of busy weekdays, I finally have time to myself.

And i sat down for some meditation, and wrote my prayers as always. It felt simply good afterwards, i guess, its the time i allowed myself, to settle n rest.

As i sat n wrote, there were lots of emotions and thought coming by, but being aware made me understand their presence

For eg, i could see the feeling of excitement and i knew it was bcoz i had the urge to share what i learnt after meeting alain pasaard yesterday

But while i was sitting, i saw the awareness and i instantly let it go to come back to simple sitting and observing

SO meditation trains one to let go

A light me emerged and i like that

之二。A more open minded me

i realised a change in me, its a sense of open mindedness, or a broader me

in face of issues that i cannot reconcile with, instead of being disturbed n unhappy, i find myself recently being able to look at the  disturbing issue from another perspective.

there’s just another voice which offered me another perspective to the problem in front of me, and this opened up more space in me, rather like a road opening up in front of me

i could c that it is i who fixate myself on looking at things a certain way, if i don’t look at things this way, i would b in a different world, feeling a different set of emotions.

i liked this inner clarity/wisdom

it made me much more magnanimous and i liked this me. it made my life easier when i could see n adopt a new approach/attitude to a problem

it was also, in a sense letting go too.

and ease followed soon after.


is growing up, and having more is learning something new.

之四。ahh yes, i saw my work being mentioned in another’s blog

n its a funny feeling to read what/how others perceive my logic and words, its like venturing into a new place for me too

whatever, i feel really happy that i have someone as an audience.

it heightened the loveliness of sharing.

n seeing my work captured n re pasted on another website

what made them capture those works?

a sort of resonation?like when u walk into an empty room, say something n get an echo back

i feel touched to get an echo

之五。i would feel excited when i have something to share, a great piece of knowledge/some wise words, and i would feel this sense of drumming or beating inside me

the feeling of excitement.

i read what i wrote about Andre Chiang sometime back, he was preparing a dish for us and he says, he couldn’t breathe.

reading what i recorded again, made me understand this excitement all over again

its bliss, this excitement.

and with these findings, i really would like to share this gratitude with all, may all sentient beings discover this part of themselves and b at ease, wherever they r, whenever they r.


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