Alain Passard

Dear qinzhi

Its been a while since i have so much enjoyed my work. That i feel happy at work.

I guess its the consensus i have come to with daddy, qinzhi n myself, its like i have arrived at another platform or level. and here, i could b free/freely enjoy my work as if there were not another care in the world.

its an understatement to say how great this feeling is.

And greater bcoz i met another culinary giant today, and he is Alain Passard. Meeting him inspired me to write to qinzhi abt passion, i recently hear this word over n over again, all fr different chefs, with different intensities/tone of voice, and i want to say to qinzhi this.

The right n the only way to live
Is to be passionate about life

Find the something, which gives u happiness or simply makes u happy, no matter how many hours it takes of u

The something which allows u a better understanding of yourself or that whicj helps u make sense of yourself n the world n life

The something which gives some meaning to your existence

Once u find that something, which may take a while, never let go

I took some time to, no wonder I just couldn’t give it up when daddy proposed I stopped

The something that stopped me is this passion I have for writing

Writing helped me understand n find myself
It brought me to top brains n to learn n b inspired by them
It exposes u to a new dimension n fulfills u
It makes my world broader

And the passion miraculously brought me to see this 3 star Michelin chef so easily

I had so much trouble trying to interview him months back

But there he is with me at the air France booth at savour 2012

I took his hand and said I was v happy to see him n showed him the writeup I did for him

I guess he could see the happiness in me

And he held my hand tightly in return n our hands danced

The air France pple too was happy to see me happy

The connection, however short lived was too strong to b denied

Bcoz the emotions were so so true n it jazzed up the night

Passions enrich u n make life worthwhile, it is in passion that u live n breathe

And become alive




Truly grateful to find them

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