Dear qinzhi

Do u feel connected to yourself?
Your true self.
Your true heart n soul.
Do u feel at peace with yourself?
Your past. Your dreams. Your life. Your work. Your friends . Your partner.

You should ask yourself this question once in a while.
Like me asking now: do I feel connected to myself?


How about daddy ? Does he feel connected to himself?
Does he feel connected to me?

I think not so. He seems to b an island by himself with his strength of thoughts, values n belief system.
He holds on to those very rigidly n in turn influences us.

I know the importance of connecting to oneself.
It is the basis of one’s stability n ensures his or her objectivity. If u do not connect with your true self, how do u connect with pple around him/her.

I tasted the importance of connecting/disconnecting from oneself.

When disconnected, you r basically lost in your own world. You fail to appreciate n respect your past n feels regretful about them. Sorry for oneself.

And you try to make good to compensate, sometimes over compensate for something not done well in the past.

You want with all your might n force.

And in the process, it creates excessive /unnecessary influences sometimes, burden n pressure on others.

That was me in the past.

I was totally lost in the past. Lost myself. Lost connecting with myself.

N I lost touch with my family.

But I found my connection now.

It feels great to be connected to myself.I hope daddy too.


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