昨天回marine crescent


让我想去make sense

It appears to me/the feeling is like a dispersal
A dispersal of a point of tension which has become a weakest link in the rosary

I almost felt like that in my body as well
Like a tension/kink released
It sort of felt good

It was a rosary that was given to me in 2006(?) when I first had my panic attack
I liked it alot of its jade green colour n the coolness it exudes

It has accompanied me n carried me far, it helped me tide over when I was most confused

Yin gave it to me

N it was given to her

It must have given a lot of help to quite many pple

I have always thought of giving it away to someone who needs it more than I do

For the rosary to provide solace n peace to another who needs it more

And I think the time will come soon

Happy losar

May I seek forgiveness for all the wrong I have done, in
Body action mind or speech
Now or in the past
Here or elsewhere

I sincerely seek forgiveness for all the wrong n pain I have done n inflicted
I seek forgiveness from all whom I have done wrong to

With sincere gratitude
I thank my presence n share this gratitude by striving
to be the better n best of myself

may the new year bring peace love good health to all sentient beings



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