It condenses alot of life’s lessons, challenges, dilemmas into a plot n makes u rethink about life n yourself

And what I got out of the so many I watched is

1)The importance of forgiving the past
We all have a past that is so deeply concealed we think they don’t matter

But they do n in v big ways

The past, each of ours cannot b denied. On the contrary, each of ours has to be digested, understood n appreciated, then respected

It is in these processes that we resolve our past n b able to live fully present n b as uninfluenced

We all have a choice as to how we can live our time here
We can choose to live in the past n in its clutches, we can choose to b in pain
We can don’t forgive

We can also forgive
We can choose to focus on the present or future n not b sucked by the past
We can choose to not b stuck in the mud
We can then steer our lives into another direction

We have a choice
And it’s so wonderful we have n can make a choice

3)it’s sometimes v hard to pin point who is to blame or at fault

Really, juz like Han Do Jin who has lost her mother in a flight due to negligence of an air stewardess Cui Zhi Yuan

And unknown to Han, her current pilot Jin Yun Cheng had a part to play 7 yrs back when he accidentally dislodged the plane n caused turbulence

The unfortunate event led Han to lose her father n to have a sister born in a flight but having to bear with poor health

It’s just an example to show how the law of cause n effect can work when conditions ripen

We r all like actors in a directed play or checkers in a game

We do not have control over many things

Conditions ripen
Sparks fly between some of us n
We continue with our affinity /relationship we have started n left off somewhere in time

If we have wisdom
We will b able to make good what is not
If we have ignorance
We will deepen whatever unhappiness n in the process of this, invite more agony n pain
And one suffers more
Others too as the pain becomes locked in n reinforced

And as I watch the show
I start to feel feelings stir n the breath getting heavy

I know those r deep seated unresolved feelings
But I m glad to b given these opportunities to get in touch with my self n adjust myself along the way

And the least would b to b reminded of my trip on A380 to London in 2010

I had a panic attack n requested the stewardess to bring me to another seat in business
But she couldn’t agree n I had to take care of my panic attack in economy

I always bore a grudge for that

What if I couldn’t handle it then? Had she taken the matter too lightly?

But now I feel I could let this go now.

There’s no who to pin point at fault.its juz that the conditions were for that decision then
It’s ok now that I m well

In the drama, the air stewardess Cui met Han several years later n said this:
It’s just that luck is not on my side then.

Han couldn’t take this of course, she saw it as negligence

But what the air stewardess Cui meant was really about the law of cause n effect that we all had no control over.



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