Going on to 34 months


Dear Qinzhi

Haaappi 34 months!

To qinzhi, this is a month of shopping, lights, skirts n elmo.

It is also a month where qinzhi warmed up to daddy remarkably and became good friends, becoz of a smart investment tool, this below that costs $129



Playing with the cooking set became a sacred activity shared by qinzhi n daddy, n mummy would be devouring the lovely白菜汤/毛瓜汤 cooked by qinzhi 🙂


n with that, daddy ventured a bit further, after a night’s work,he would visit qinzhi in the morning n bring qinzhi to pasir ris park n bond

on another occasion, daddy brought qinzhi to the park again

n qinzhi had some real climbing to do~

we also made an effort to bring qinzhi outdoors, on sundays, we would walk to the alexandra park connector,then walk to zion road food centre, have breakfast then walk to great world city for qinzhi’s dose of xiaomaomi (soyabean)

one time, we discovered dew, so pretty!

n qinzhi had a first time encounter, playing with the dew on the waxed leaf

we always went to cold storage for some grocery shopping n for qinzhi to identify some fruits n…tomatoes

this day we went to the fresh food counter

one day,qinzhi was awarded a little cup of popcorn, it was the first time she tasted popcorn n she loved it

the next time we were there, we egged her on, we hoped it would b a little lesson of mustering enough courage to go fight for what she wanted.

December was truly the month of gai gai-ing n more gai gai

whether it sunned or rained, if qinzhi wanted, daddy would oblige even if it were storming

mummy would cringe to go out in the rain, but as long as qinzhi wanted, daddy would go along, this was how much qinzhi mattered to daddy

it was a good time to introduce to qinzhi xmas n related items, such as the xmas tree, we saw different variations of xmas trees at different places

n of course, there was the snowball

n christmas stocking

there was lots of shopping to do and qinzhi would run around the counters and play

n mummy saw a toy i fondly played with when i was young…fishing!

n qinzhi finally did climb on to a toy car to play

It was truly a sight when qinzhi who is v image conscious v shyly turned around in front of a mirror

Watching n smiling to herself in action

with outings come food, qinzhi was game to try everything,

apart from the usual cakes

at man fu yuan, she drank sharks cartillage soup n ate delicacies like fish maw! n she loved the jellied softness

a true connoisseur she is!

at home, qinzhi is v easy on food, she is v encouraging by eating whatever i cook for her,

n she absolutely loves seaweed, she eats from the container , with her fingers

of course, there was the usual, ice cream. 🙂

at Happy Train, qinzhi learned more skills, esp those with her fingers,

such as tearing n sticking

n this time,daddy accompanied qinzhi to class! it was a show of how they bonded!

i was so proud to c her hang ornaments on the little xmas tree, n we went to daiso to buy her more so she could practice at home

n she did

all by herself

she could also cut n weld a scissors

when i saw her trace numbers n strokes of chinese characters,my pride swelled

it was prouder than all the achievements i had in my life

over at kindermusik, it was already teacher diane li’s last lesson before she went to shanghai with her family, ah mei yiyi brought qinzhi n there,she got her certificate!

after class, qinzhi went shopping with yiyi n popo

at home, qinzhi did not have many toys, but she invented what she wanted to play

like stacking colored hair bands n blowing them!

such as attaching clothes pegs to her dress n turning in circles so the dress could twirl!

at home, qinzhi played with stickers to design a bag n …our clothes

it was also when vivienne visited n qinzhi had some fun, learning to play with her peers n sharing hugs

n when it was time to c elmo, qinzhi asked for vivienne to go watch with her. it seemed vivienne was her only fren….

on another day, daddy brought qinzhi to hi five ‘s performance in singapore, one which shocked amei yiyi so much when she saw the little ones sing n act to the cue of the performers

dec was also for skirts, qinzhi found her passion in them after we bought her a yellow dress fr gap

n since there was a sale, there was more nice dresses for qinzhi!

it was truly a sight to c the little darling walking around and choosing her clothes, saying no/yes to my picks

and this is her fave

i finally got qinzhi to agree to tie up her hair. she loved turning her head fr side to side n feeling the hair beating the wind.


for myself, it was a truly warm feeling, tying qinzhi’s hair.

i savored e-v-e-r-y moment tying my daughter’s hair. its amazing how she has grown from in my tummy to what she is now.

being mummy to qinzhi is the best that has happened to me in my life.

n there is no other than the deepest of gratitude to have her to thank for, in my life.

qinzhi is truly godsend.

this day, she listened to amei yiyi’s earphones bcoz it was playing Super Junior’s Simple Simple. Qinzhi could already utter those lyrics!

what’s more amazing is that qinzhi could sing some hokkien songs.

she could recognize the super junior cast n say, zhizhi likes kyu hyun, amei yiyi likes eunhyuk!




我:不是。mummy做工的时候也在想沁芝,想沁芝有没有吃饭?早餐吃什么?有没有nngg nngg?有没有叫婆婆?有没有pong pong?⋯⋯⋯⋯

沁芝:有没有玩smack smack(她模仿high five里打网球的样子)

我:有没有吃yoghurt?有没有看今天几号⋯⋯⋯⋯有没有or pi sai



她知道爸爸不在家,就是去工作,然后说:“我想,mummy不要做工,和沁芝在pasir ris and redhill”


昨天,婆婆姨姨和我们一起搭巴士到white sands,然后要入闸的时候,沁芝一手牵着姨姨一手牵着婆婆,要她们一起来。阿姨说没有ezlink,要去买,后来到了地铁,沁芝说,叫姨姨婆婆来地铁看芝芝。



然后唱:“off we go!”

沁芝最近喜欢squeal in delight,一点点小事就高声squeal ,好可爱!




看到selly从香港买回来的minnie mouse水壶和hello kitty发夹,她自动说:“thank u,selly姐姐。”

she is simply lovely.

so lovely i wish i could write down all these lovely moments.

but more so, i thought i was truly blessed to have been part of the experience of listening n being with qinzhi, n to b enthralled n enlightened by this pure soul.

dearie, happi 34 months.

and may u b well n happy, may u inspire n light up lives all around u.


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